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Were you lucky enough to get a brand new iPhone for Christmas?

If you were lucky enough to find a brand new iPhone under the Christmas tree, we’re sure that you’re over the moon with your new toy. However much excitement comes with such a gift, we know that setting up a new iPhone can sometimes be a bit of a problem, especially for those that are not too tech savvy. That’s where the iPhone Repair Centre in Preston can help, as we know pretty much all there is to know about setting up iPhones so that you get the best user experience from your new device.

Setting up your new iPhone

If you bought your phone in an Apple store, you probably received some assistance in setting up the phone, but if it was a surprise present you may need some help. While the device itself will actually take you through the set-up procedure step-by-step, we know that some people will feel that they need a little extra help. Whether that’s helping you to connect to a Wi-Fi network or something a little more complicated, our expert iPhone technicians in Preston can teach you how to get the most from your new iPhone and give you the benefit of our iPhone expertise.

Transferring data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone

If you’ve already got a smartphone of some description – whether that’s an iPhone or an Android – no doubt you’ll want to keep the majority of the data that you’ve amassed. While there are many online tutorials to help you through this process, and to be honest, transferring data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone is pretty straightforward, if you need help to transfer your data, we’ll be happy to lend a hand. We can transfer your data from one device to another in a jiffy, so you’ll be able to get on with using your new iPhone as quickly as possible.

So, if you’d like some extra help setting up your iPhone, simply bring it along to our phone repair centre in Preston. Once our mobile experts get their hands on your phone, your data will be transferred in a flash, leaving you to explore your new device to your heart’s content. What’s more, as we’re the cheapest iPhone repair centre in Preston, you’ll find that we won’t charge you the earth for our services. After all, there’s lots of partying to do over the Christmas and New Year period, and we know you’ll need your money for that!  


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