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We hope your iPhone 6 never needs repairing – but if it does…

Are you an Apple fanatic? Do you always have to have the latest addition to the iPhone stable? Of course, the brand new iPhone 6 is an excellent device, but even the best phones can encounter problems. So if you’re having problems with your iPhone 6, don’t worry!

Here at iPhone Repairs in Preston, we know all there is to know about fixing Apple products. Whatever your problem, whether it’s a minor glitch or something more serious, we can fix it. Our team of skilled repair technicians are experts in all aspects of iPhone repairs and will carry out a full and thorough evaluation of your device before attempting any repair, so whether your phone is suffering from a cracked screen or simply needs a new battery, we can sort it out in double quick time.

All kinds of iPhone 6 repairs, from cracked screens to faulty antenna, at very competitive prices

While a cracked screen doesn’t necessarily mean that your phone will stop working, you’ll find that your iPhone 6 experience will definitely be impaired. Luckily, we’re able to replace damaged screens with the minimum of fuss, plus we can replace cracked covers too. Our technicians also have the skills to solve a whole host of problems from fixing faulty antennas to repairing rogue home and power keys.

Phone stopped charging?

If you’re experiencing any kind of charging problems, whether your phone won’t charge even though it’s plugged in, or that pesky charging cable keeps falling out of the charging port, we can sort it out. And if your phone won’t charge at all due to a faulty battery, we replace iPhone batteries too.

Dropped your phone down the loo?

You’d be surprised how many do! If you’ve managed to submerge your precious iPhone 6 in liquid, be it water or something else, don’t panic – we can save it. Bring it along to our phone repair shop and we’ll get your phone all dried out. We’ve an excellent reputation for phone repairs in Lancashire and offer a level of customer service that can’t be beaten.

Can’t get to our shop? If you live in Preston, we can collect your iPhone 6 from you, and return it once it’s repaired; so you don’t even have to leave your home. Plus, with a postal service available, a 6-month guarantee on all our repairs, and same day turnarounds – what more could you possibly want?

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