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Upgrading to iOS 9 smoothly on your iPhone and iPad

If you’re an Apple enthusiast, you’ll be well aware of all the hype surrounding the new iOS 9 software and you’re probably wondering how and whether you should install it on your iPhone or iPad. You may be worried about the installation itself, or whether your device can accept the upgrade to its software without experiencing a massive slow down.

Before you install any upgrade, you need to ensure that you give yourself plenty of time – there’s no point planning to update your software if you need your phone for a Skype conference call in the next thirty minutes. Furthermore, as with any upgrade, you need to ensure that you’ve backed up all your important data prior to any installation.

It appears that a few users have reported seeing error messages when they try to download iOS 9, however that’s more than likely simply down to the sheer number of people trying to do the same. All it needs is a little patience. As the new update has been available for a number of weeks now, it’s likely that this overload of downloading has passed, so hopefully you won’t experience this problem. However, if you do see the error message, try downloading iOS via iTunes as you may find that to be more successful.

If you’ve got an iPhone 4s or iPad 2, iPad mini or a fifth-gen iPod touch (or later models) you’ll find that your device is compatible with iOS 9, meaning that you can update for free to the latest version of iOS 9. However, if your device is older, you might just find that it struggles to run the new software effectively, and that your device will slow down considerably once installed. Therefore, if you do have an old device, it’s probably best not to try installing the update until you do some research into how your device will cope with the new software, especially as it’s very difficult to downgrade back to the previous version.

Having said all of that, one very simple solution to upgrading to iOS 9 is to bring your device to the iPhone Repair Centre in Preston, and let us do it for you. We’ll be able to tell you whether it’s possible to upgrade and, if so, make sure that it’s done properly so that you don’t risk losing any of your precious data.


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