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The 4 Most Brilliant Features of the iPhone 6 Plus

After much anticipation and speculation, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus were unleashed to the world in September 2014. The iPhone 6 Plus is Apple’s biggest iPhone yet and technically it falls under the “phablet” category. It looks great, with its 5.5 inch screen and super sleek design but it is a big deal in more ways than size. The iPhone 6 plus is packed with a host of cool new features that completely blow the iPhone 5 out of the water. The device is worth its expensive price tag for the following four awesome features alone.

Health Tracker

People across the globe are becoming more and more concerned about maintaining good health and fitness. It is therefore no surprise that Apple have decided to incorporate a health tracker into their new iPhone 6 Plus. The Health Tracker can track how many steps you take in a day, track your caffeine intake and allows you to store and access a wealth of personal health and fitness data. The Health Tracker can also be connected and synced with a host of third party apps such as the Nike+ app.

Mac & Ipad Call Connection

If you are a true Apple fan, the likelihood is that your household also contains a Mac and/or iPad. The iPhone 6 Plus can be successfully connected to a Mac or iPad allowing users to answer or make a call, or even send or read a text through their Mac or iPad. There’s no longer the need to hold your device to your ear or try to balance your Mac or Ipad on your lap while texting on your iPhone. There is a little bit of configuration involved in setting up the connection between your Mac or Ipad and the iPhone 6, but Apple experts such as www.fixapplenow.com will be able to help you out.

Apple Pay

The future of payment processing has arrived! ‘Apple Pay’ allows users to make payments using their iPhone 6 rather than a credit card. Users must simply place their device near the card reader in a store and hold the home button on the device and within seconds, the payment will be processed. Not all stores can facilitate Apply Pay payments just yet, but you can expect that over the next 12 months, Apple Pay will rapidly grow as a means of processing payments. That means that a day may come in the near future where the only things you’ll need when leaving the house are your car keys and your iPhone 6 Plus.

Touch ID

How many tasks in your average day require the entry of a password? Whether you are withdrawing money from the ATM, logging onto social media, checking your e-mail account or making a purchase online, everything seems to involve a password. It can be so difficult to remember every password we set, and so, in steps the wonderful “Touch ID” feature of the iPhone 6 Plus. Touch ID allows you to use the unique make-up of your fingertip to unlock your phone and make purchases on iTunes. The feature can also be used in conjunction with third party apps to log into websites using your Touch ID fingerprint.

No longer a means of just calling and texting, the technology that is being used in the manufacture of new phones is progressing at a rapid rate. With features such as Touch ID and Health Tracker, it’s no surprise that the iPhone 6 Plus is one of the most popular devices among mobile phone users today.

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