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IPhone Repairs and Tips for Digitisers

IPhones occupy a revered spot in the world of smartphones, with much of the tech community and Apple enthusiasts waiting with bated breath for the latest news on the newest iteration of the pioneering device.

Still, these always-sleek gadgets come with the risk of dropping them and breaking the LCD screen. It is a pretty terrible feeling when it happens and that’s for sure: the screen, which is a high-retina dazzling display of pixel per square unit density done right, is now reduced to a mishmash of psychedelic colours from an acid-tripping hippie’s worst nightmares.

If you’re currently dealing with a cracked iPhone screen, stay away from the nuclear option, as all is not lost! The pros here at the Phone Repair Centre Preston are here to help.

Whether you find yourself on a budget and tech savvy enough to experiment with your phone’s hardware, or you simply seek affordable help from the consummate professionals who deal with this problem all the time, here are two solutions for broken screens and digitiser dilemmas.

The DIY Route

While video or other kinds of tutorials for the iPhone 6 are not yet readily available, older models have been around for long enough that DIY toolkits and accompanying step-by-step instructions exist. Note that this option is certainly not for the faint hearted who wish to put the fate of their faulty (but not yet irreparable device) into their own hands. A bit of hands-on experience goes a long way here, and it is essential to be careful with the placement of screws and remembering where certain components belong.

Trust Your Local Pros

The Phone Repair Centre Preston offers assured help for the issue of a digitiser gone bad and so much more. We recommend you bring your iPhone (or any iDevice for that matter) in to us, the professional specialists, and let us work our magic on your device. To cater to the face-paced lives that lots of smartphone users lead today, we offer same-day, walk-in, and mail-in repairs.

For 100% satisfaction guaranteed and affordable prices that you won’t find anywhere else, get in touch with us today.

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