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Help! The Battery Life is Dwindling on my iPhone 5

Released in 2013, there may be many of you still seeing out a contract on an iPhone 5 handset. We’ve had a number of people calling into our iPhone repair store in Preston desperately seeking help and advice on tackling dwindling battery life on the device. Dwindling battery life can be a real pain given how much usage you need from your device throughout the day.

Whether you use it to power some tunes as you work up a sweat at the gym or to stay social on Facebook and Twitter, navigate around a city using Google Maps or for capturing some of the best moments everyday life has to offer on video, chances are that you’d be lost without your handset.

A dead battery can leave you virtually un-contactable which is always annoying, right?

What’s causing dwindling battery life on my iPhone 5?

You may be thinking, “my iPhone 5 is almost 2 years old, the battery life is probably dwindling due to age”. Wrong! Apple don’t build devices to last a mere 2 years – where’s the value in that when you pay in excess of £500 for a device?

We’ve had many customers experiencing dwindling iPhone 5 battery life, particularly after installing IOS8 software updates. However, as IOS8 updates are released only to enhance the performance of a device, the blame unlikely falls on the software update. There are a number of key triggers that tend to cause dwindling battery life in the iPhone 5, some of which include an app overload, the presence of broken or misbehaving apps, screen brightness, push messages and the need for a hard device reset.

How do I improve the battery life of my iPhone 5?

There were a number of iPhone 5 devices that were sold between late 2012 and early 2013 that would appear to have faulty batteries. iPhone 5 users have until January 2016 to have their battery replaced for free in such cases. Before you jump to that conclusion and ship your phone off to Apple, there are a heap of things that you can address which may be affecting the performance of your battery life.

If you don’t want to risk wiping your phone, deleting apps for no reason or upsetting some of the settings on your iPhone, it’s best to drop your device into iPhone repair experts. We’re well versed at providing iPhone repair in Preston and can quickly get to the root of any dwindling battery life problems.

At this stage, our iPhone repair experts have dealt with their fair share of iPhone 5 issues and are set to work from what can only be deemed as a “poor battery performance” checklist. If you’re fit to throw your iPhone 5 into the rubbish bin out of frustration at poor battery life, hold back as help is available at the iPhone repair centre in Preston! Get in touch with us and see out the remaining length of your phone contract with an iPhone 5 battery that performs the way it should do.

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