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Having problems moving data from your old iPhone to a new iPhone? We can do it for you.

If you’ve been lucky enough to upgrade your old iPhone to a brand spanking shiny new iPhone, then the first thing you’ll want to do before you use it is transfer all the data from your old iPhone to your new handset. Of course, Apple have made this relatively easy for you to do yourself, and certainly if you’ve just invested in a new iPhone 6 (you lucky thing!) then transferring the data from your existing iPhone has never been easier.

In fact, no matter what model of iPhone you have, from the iPhone 4 generation of phones through to the iPhone 5, iCloud has made restoring backups faster than ever before. Of course, rather than use the wireless method it can be done with old fashioned cables too, but we’re sure that you’re probably just as savvy as us in the technology department.

The iPhone Repair Centre in Preston will take care of Transferring your Data

However, while transferring data has been made easier than ever, sometimes problems occur that you simply don’t have the knowledge or experience to solve yourself. If you’re pretty confident about your technical abilities, you could try consulting a forum and solving the problems yourself, or you could take the easy way out and get in touch with the iPhone Repair Centre in Preston.

We’ve got all the technical expertise needed to solve all kinds of problems with transferring data from one phone to another, plus we can usually sort out any problem the same day.

Free Collection and Delivery in Preston

Simply bring both your phones to our iPhone repair shop in Preston and we’ll identify the problem. Once we’ve agreed on a price – as we know you don’t like nasty surprises and like to stay in control of your budget – we’ll get to work on transferring across everything that you need.

If you can’t actually get into our shop, we can pick your phones up from you and then deliver them back once the deed has been done. Of course, this service is only available within Preston, but it’ll save you making the journey if you’ve got other important things to attend to.


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